Reigate MUN 2023 

On Saturday 7th October, a group of nine pupils attended the 27th Reigate MUN conference. Archer Stephen, Joseph Soya-Bongay and Zachary Devlin represented Germany in the Historical Security Council, Disarmament and Security Committee and Social Humanitarian Committee respectively. Doris Vucinic, Rohan Phillpot, Mahalea Mitchell and Manha Chaudhry represented France in the Security Council, Environment, Health and Social Humanitarian Committees. As Chair of the Crisis Committee and Vice-President of the Historical Security Council, Mark Ben Mikhelson and Johan Prinsloo showed great professionalism, a week before officiating at our Royal Russell IMUN Conference as Presidents of the General Assembly. The conference was a perfect opportunity to start the MUN season for our pupils, whether first-time or more experienced delegates. 

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