2015 Conference

I am pleased to announce that the following students have been chosen as Officers for the Royal Russell School International MUN conference in October 2015.

Secretary General and Head of RRS MUN
Bart Konechni

Presidents of GA
Michelle Kazi
Maria Slobodina
Georgia Covill

Presidents of the Security Council
Callum McAvoy
Elysia Beaumont

Heads of Secretariat
Paul Crouch Lauren Steventon
Philip Chan Telka Donyai

Head of Media, Events & Live Production
Harriet Alcindor (Events)
Kingsley Divers (Media)
Laura Ellis (Live production)

Heads of Press
Seonni Patel & Jordan Osgathorpe

Head of Mini MUN
Aisha Dosanjh

Mr S Keable-Elliott
MUN Director

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