MUNTV couldn’t have been possible without the help of the following people, we thank you all for the huge amount of effort you all put in!

Christie Becker

Alex Lockyer
Tiska Tjarks
Amelia Nicholson

Made by:
Callum Garvey
Matthew Smylie
Daniel Alabi
Louie Connaris
Jack Kallend
Alex Lockyer
Emily Cotton
Pip France
Tiska Tjarks

Photography by:
Josh Birchall

Post-Production by:
William Skelton
Teodor Dokov

Directed by:
Aisling Kearney
Ben Lewis
Callum Martin
Teodor Dokov

Produced by:
Sigournney Dean
Lauren Whitaker
Christie Becker
Jasper Blount

Head of Media & Events:
Harry Morris

Thanks To:
Tighearnán Mooney
Darya Gnidash
Jack Howley-Mummery
Hannah Kallend
Courtney Hudson
Sultan Kazi
Lilly Walker
Simone Osei
Barty Konechni

Special Thanks To:
Simon Keable-Elliott
John Piggin
Cayt, Esther and Bob Dear
Rich George & Charlie Lowe
Mo Willis & the Catering Team
Elayine Cripps
Paul Stanyer
Femi James
George Towner
Derrick Addis
Royal Russell Maintenance & Grounds Staff