MUNTV couldn’t have been possible without the help of the following people, we thank you all for the huge amount of effort you all put in!


Presented by:
Daniel Foulkes-Jones
Lucie England-Duce
Alice Moor


Rosie Billington
Liv Groves
Anthony Baleato-Farrow
Francesca Gallagher
Dilshan De Silva
Ellie Russell


Production Teams:
Madina Sadebyenko
Kristina Fateeva
Sam Birkett
Olivia Groves
Lucia DiMascio
Chris Savory


Directed by:
Sang Don Yoon
Kim Trang Ngo
Jay To
Daria Ivanova


Produced by:
Francesca Gallagher
Kitty Williams
Daniel Lee
Joe Davies


Executive Producers:
Colin Dear
Johnnie Blows
Ellie Russell


Thanks To:
Nick Freeman
Alastair Culbert
Maria Khafizova
Adrian Yansaneh
Maddie Steer
Daniel Jones
Folarin Akinmade

Special Thanks To:
John Piggin
John Coventon
Simon Keable-Elliott
Elayine Cripps
Paul Stanyer
Suzie Jones
Femi James
Derrick Addis

MUNTV 2009 is a Pigeon and Potato Production, in association with Fix-d Media