MUNTV couldn’t have been possible without the help of the following people, we thank you all for the huge amount of effort you all put in!

George Nicholson
Lewis Irani
Maia Kirkman-Richards

Anthony Baleato-Farrow
Dilshan De Silva
Anty MacGregor
Johnnie Blows

Made by:
Joe Davies
Kitty Williams
Ellie Russell
Ben Casselle
Alex Cast
Jennifer Sasati
Daria Ivanova

Directed by:
John Lam
Elliott Shepherd
Max Tierney
Anna-Maria Teemant
Steff Wade

Produced by:
Johnnie Blows
Colin Dear

Thanks To:
Sadie France
Ayse Tary
Andrew O’Mara
Adrian Yansaneh
Jessie Parsons
Ollie Fitzgerald

Special Thanks To:
John Piggin
Simon Keable-Elliott
Jack Stanley
Daniel Jones
Folarin Akinmade
Nathan Powell
Mr Palmer
Elayine Cripps
Paul Stanyer
Femi James
Suzie Jones
Derrick Addis
Royal Russell Maintenance Staff

MUNTV 2008 is a Pigeon and Potato Production, in association with Fix-d Media