Key Dates for RRS IMUN October 2018




During the second week of March, schools that have attended in the previous year, or have registered their interest in participating, will receive an invitation to attend. With places oversubscribed at this stage, any invitation is unfortunately conditional. Forms 1, 2, 3 and 4 are emailed with the invitation.




The following forms must be received by Monday 14th May 2018 together with a non-refundable deposit. The deposit will only be refunded if the application is unsuccessful.

Form 1 – Notice of Participation
Form 2 – Country Selection
Form 3 – ICJ Application
Form 4 – Committee Chair Application

At the end of May, the allocation of delegation assignments will be completed and successful schools will be informed. The delegation assignments will also be published on the website at this time:

Participating schools will also receive Forms 5a, 5b (accommodation), 6 (final names) and 7 (MUN’s Got Talent) at this stage.


In mid JUNE, the allocation of places on the ICJ will be sent out, as well as confirmation of successful Chair applicants. These will also be published on the website at this time:




By Friday 21st September 2018 schools must submit a complete list of the names of all participants (Form 6) including the MUN Advisors. The Accommodation Forms (5a or 5b) are also due by this date.




By Wednesday 3rd October 2018 any outstanding balance will need to be received by Royal Russell School. No refunds will be available after this date.


The conference takes place on Saturday 20th October to Tuesday 23rd October 2018