Summary / Checklist for Delegates

 Each Delegation

  •  Represents a country
  •  Chooses an Ambassador to make the opening speech
  •  Chooses a designer to design and photocopy ‘Headed notepaper’ to be used by the delegates during the conference – 20-30 sheets of A7 paper is advised
  •  Researches the views and beliefs of their country agreeing an approach to the conference

Each Ambassador

  •  Writes an opening speech for the conference
  •  Makes the opening speech at the formal beginning of the conference

Each delegate – before the conference

  •  Chooses a committee
  •  Prepares a policy statement to make in their committee
  •  Writes a resolution on at least one topic within the committee. The resolution should be placed on the school system before lobbying
  •  Prepares a short speech about their resolution (in case it is debated in the committee)
  •  Researches all the topics in the committee and decides the view of the country they represent on each topic

Each delegate – during the conference

  •  Attends lobbying with other students in their committee to:
    • get signatures for their resolution
    • look to merge resolutions
    • sign other students’ resolution (delegates can only sign one resolution on each topic)
    • meet other students in their committee who they can work together with during the conference
  •  Submits resolution to the approval panel
  •  Attends opening ceremonies and opening speeches – sitting with other members of their delegation (or in the balcony)
  •  Attends their committee when committees are in session:
    • making policy statement
    • presenting their resolution if it passes approval panel and is sent to committee
    • joining in the debate, asking Points of Information and/or take the floor
  • Sits with their delegation during the sessions of the General Assembly, joining in the debate