Summary / Checklist for Advisors

 Pre conference – March to May

  • Contact Royal Russell MUN Secretary to ask for invitation (Invitations are sent out in March)
  • Find out from students how many wish to act as Delegates
  • Apply to attend conference, by mid May, by returning Form 1 Notice of Participation and Form 2 Country Selection as well as sending in the deposit
  • Form 3 – Application for ICJ – must be submitted at the same time if any students would like to be considered.

Pre conference – May to July

  • Organise travel arrangements to and from the conference
  • Book any additional nights accommodation
  • Find out if any experienced Chairs would like to chair at RRSIMUN. If there are, return Form 3 Committee Chairperson by the end of June
  • Begin to allocate committees to Delegates. A full list of the agenda topics for each committee is on the RRSIMUN website
  • Risk assessments, parental permission forms and other school paperwork can be done now.

Pre conference – September / Early October

  • Return the following forms: Either Form 4a -Boarding Accommodation  or Form 4b – Non Residential and Form 5 Delegates Form
  • Inform delegates about the evening activities – the themes for the three Discos and the arrangements for the MUN X-Factor
  • Advise the delegates on their Resolution, Policy Statement and (ambassador only) Opening speech.

 Arriving at conference on Saturday

Check all students have a resolution (with copy on email site or memory stick), and policy statement

  • Check you have read or heard the Ambassador’s Opening Speech
  • Take students to Registration and on to their accommodation
  • Make sure students are aware of procedure and meeting point in event of a fire or fire alarm
  • Give students a quick tour of school site
  • Encourage students to load their resolution onto the school website and then go to Lobbying which starts at 3.00pm.
  • Attend Advisors meeting at 5.00pm in library and encourage Ambassadors to attend their meeting at 5.30pm

 During Conference

Base yourself in the Advisors room. Tea, coffee and Biscuits are available

  • Feel free to visit committee rooms and GA to support your students
  • Please help on the Approval Panel at the time you have been given
  • Meal times are listed in the agenda. (On Monday evening food will be provided at the Headmasters reception)
  • You are in charge of supervising your students but if you need to leave the site temporarily please inform one of the Royal Russell members of staff and leave a mobile number with them.