Agenda for Royal Russell Conference 2015

Please note: RRSIMUN does not issue policy briefs on the topics for the agenda. Delegates are free to write resolutions on any aspects of the topic and since there is a restriction of 15 Operative clauses (including sub-clauses) delegates are not expected to cover all areas of the topic.

A Question of cyber warfare
B Question of diplomatic immunity for UN peacekeepers breaking local laws
C Question of preventing terrorists from acquiring weapons of mass destruction
D Question of the use of torture in warfare
A Question of state-sponsored paramilitary groups
B Question of the use rape in warfare
C Question of preventing international recruitment by terrorist organisations
D Question of biological weapons
A Question of UN members’ contributions to the UN budget
B Question of micro-financing
C Question of promoting environmentally sustainable development in LEDCs
D Question of ending child labour
A Question of recommendations for the Paris UN Climate Change Conference COP21
B Question of the decline in numbers of bees
C Question of the impacts of climate change on coral reefs and the marine environment
D Question of hydraulic fracking
A Question of freedom of religious expression on social media
B Question of the protection of rights of Roma people
C Question of the status of transsexuals, intersexuals and transgender people
D Question of surrogacy
A Question of mitochondrial donation or three parent babies
B Question of euthanasia
C Question of population control
D Question of the legalisation of prostitution
A Question of combatting piracy at sea
B Question of Libya
C Question of Guantanamo Bay
D Question of migration
A Question of the Central African Republic
B Question of the territorial integrity of the former Soviet Republics
C Question of the Golan Heights
D Question of territorial claims to Antarctica
A Question of the status of patents on treatments for HIV/AIDS
B Question of strengthening the role of women in private sector directorship
C Question of agricultural subsidies
D Question of strengthening regulation on tobacco based industries
Security Council
A Question of security risks resulting from climate change
B Question of reform to peacekeeping operations
C Question of the Gaza region
D Question of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL).