Conferences are listed in chronological order with the date for conference set between the beginning of September 2016 and the end of August 2017.


Conference Director email Director Date for 2016-17
Christ’s Hospital

[note 1]

Alistair Goddard No conference this year
Reigate Thea Williams 24th September 2016
Alleyns Susan Latham  


Stuart Taylor 8th & 9th October 2016
Royal Russell School IMUN, Croydon Simon Keable-Elliott


22nd – 25th October 2016
Malvern, St James Day conference Rachel Huntley


Saturday 19th November 2016
Latymer Upper Flora Ellison  
Stockport Grammar


Esther Spence


CROYMUN Jonathan Vickery Saturday 19th November 2016
Malvern St James


Rachel Huntley Saturday 19th November 2016
London Oratory Fr George Bowen Saturday 26th November 2016
Benenden, BMUN Martin Loy Monday 5th December 2016
MUN Bilbao, Spain Nicola Dignum 26th – 29th  January 2017
Lady Eleanor Holles Miss Emily Evans / 27th – 29th  January 2017
Exeter Maggie McCluskey Saturday 4th February 2017.
John Warner Dr Will Grey Saturday 4th February 2017.
Westminster, wesMUN Amy Gandon 10th – 13th February 2017.
Gordon’s Rea Mitchell (Mrs)


25th & 26th  February 2017
Bath Craig Woodgate 3rd – 5th  March 2017
City of London Simon Brown  
HABSMUN Emaneule Pauletto 17th – 19th  March 2017
Haileybury Ruth Everness 24th – 26th  March 2017
Magdalen College School Alexey Kostyanovsky 31st march – 2nd April 2017
Dublin, SAIMUN William Hehir. Administrator; Aileen Kerins;

10th – 13th April 2017


[note 2] No conference scheduled for this year as yet  





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